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Welcome to the Medical Home for Homeless Children Project

Girl in ChairIn Duval County there are several shelters that house homeless families.  The Medical Home for Homeless Children Project (MHHCP) works with these shelters to improve the health and well-being of the children and their families. Families with children comprise 34% of the US homeless population (National Center on Family Homelessness, Summary Report). Last year Duval County alone counted over 1,400 homeless children. 

Homeless children suffer from unusually high rates of chronic and acute illness.
  Some of these children have been exposed to trauma and/or abuse and suffer resulting emotional disturbances. 

Since 2004 MHHCP has worked in collaboration with University of Florida, the Duval County Health Department and Children’s Medical Services to develop a system of care for the children.  Homeless families are referred to us for health care services by our shelter partners. Click on the following to learn more about our work in the community.  2011 Annual Report   2013 Annual Report
Testimonial MHHCP Shelter Partners

The Sulzbacher Center
Hubbard House
Community Connections
Salvation Army
Family Promise of Jacksonville
City Rescue Mission
Trinity Rescue Mission
The Inn Ministry
Gateway Community Services

To learn more about MHHCP and our Shelter Partners explore our website and read the annual report.

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